2018.3.15 (thu)

15:0524 Hours / Young Galaxy

15:17甘えちゃってSorry / AYA a.k.a PANDA  Spotify

15:20Shotgun(feat.Syd) / Little Simz  Spotify

15:26ないものねだり / 山崎利雄

15:37HAPPY SONG / 真島昌利

16:13Town & Country / Bibio  Spotify

16:38Sweet Sue, Just You / The Travellers  Spotify

16:47鈍感な人になりたい / 木島ユタカ 

2018.3.14 (wed)

15:05This Morning / Jesse Royal  Spotify

15:20Colours / The Avalanches  Spotify

15:31Feeling OK / Best Coast  Spotify

15:39So Good Today / Ben Westbeech  Spotify

16:13はるのうた / D.W.ニコルズ  Spotify


16:18Better Together / Jack Johnson (ツヨシさん 39歳 ビルメンテナンス業) 

16:23Sweet Disposition / The Temper Trap (ナカヒロシさん 40歳 動画配信会社)  Spotify

16:28君はロックを聴かない / あいみょん (みか 22歳 大学生)  Spotify

16:41Re-アホイ! / クラムボン  Spotify

2018.3.13 (tue)

15:05When You Die / MGMT  Spotify

15:15Eg Anda / Sigur Ros  Spotify

15:18Pray For Me / The Weeknd  Spotify

15:25Schubert:Ganymed D.544 / Schubert  Spotify

15:27Be Ok Again (feat. Daniel Johns) / What So Not  Spotify

15:31Cmyk / James Blake  Spotify

15:38Crystal Ball / Grimes  Spotify


16:10Asleep from Day / The Chemical Brothers  Spotify

16:19零 -ZERO- / 福山雅治

16:26Everybody Wants To Be Famous / Superorganism  Spotify

16:34Here's A Little Something For Ya / Beastie Boys  Spotify

16:36Make Me Feel / Janelle Monae  Spotify

2018.3.12 (mon)

15:05Anarchy In The UK / Sex Pistols  Spotify

15:13Pretty Woman / BBQ CHICKENS 

15:17ほら急げ / ウルフルズ 

15:19You Can't Hurry Love / Hi-STANDARD 

15:24せっかち / 小泉今日子

15:26Speed / Atari Teenage Riot  Spotify

15:35I Wanna Be Sedated / Lexicon  Spotify

16:06Kill Your Television / Ned's Atomic Dustbin  Spotify

16:20これさえあれば / T字路s Spotify

16:34Lose My Cool / Amber Mark  Spotify