Episode 10: Onsen in Odaiba



This Program:
-Untourist Tokyo-
Rana's report on her experience at Oedo Onsen Monogatari!
Alex tells us about a yummy place for pancakes, breakfast and more! Itroducing,'bills'.

Oedeo Onsen Monogatari Yelp: https://goo.gl/yngXmO
bills Yelp: https://goo.gl/KCQzLm

-meet the CM-
We speak with Ryan about his stay at the Tokyo Disney Resort and riding the Mario Kart tour through Tokyo!

Tokyo Disney Land Yelp: https://goo.gl/xVh4EQ
Hilton Tokyo Bay Yelp: https://goo.gl/2TGT1N
Reissue in Harajuku Yelp: https://goo.gl/86zS2O

-tips & tricks-
We introduce an app for communicating with your Taxi driver and a great source for wi-fi in Tokyo!
Japan Touch and Talk: https://goo.gl/0rh4ee
ninja wifi: https://ninjawifi.com/

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Episode9: Waterfront City Odaiba



This program

City spotlight:

One of the leading amusement parks in Japan, you can enjoy more than 20 kinds of attractions at "Joypolis"
Joypolis yelp: https://goo.gl/uuqugn

Clothes, food, and more, the huge shopping mall "Venus Fort" has about 160 shops where can fulfil your shopping desires!
Venus Fort: https://goo.gl/Z2bkFy

This week in japan:

This spring introduces the notable hamburger restaurant "UMAMI BURGER" which opens in Japan, bringing it back to the roots of "UMAMI"!

Expats japan

Interview with Sam about his recommendations in Japan.
Bird yelp: https://goo.gl/fpVn5I

Gundam Front https://goo.gl/NLs9iZ
Tokyo city showcase : https://goo.gl/sfQRAD
Leisureland : https://goo.gl/R2sS9U
Takoyaki Museum : https://goo.gl/IOyLFo

This show will continue to feature Odaiba in the next episode, introducing more underground deep spots.

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Episode8:Untourist Kichijyoji



We will introduce recommended core spots of Kichijyoji!
You will find the most tasty food and interesting fashion
in the old and deep shopping street called "Harmonica Alley."
Don't forget to try the must eat deep-fried minced meat cutlet.


This time:
-Untourist Tokyo-
We will introduce the oldest and deepest part of Kichijyoji
"Harmonica Alley."
Also the famous must eat deep-fried minced meat cutlet.

-meet CM-
We will call Elsa Messi, who is a lifestyle and food journalist of
The London Sinner, Timeouts Tokyo, and much more.

-tips & tricks-
When coming to Japan, use the order made trip service,
so that you can enjoy your stay much more easily!

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Episode7: Kichijoji - most desireable place to live



This program:

City spotlight:
A focus on "Inokashira Park" which will celebrate
its 100th anniversary this year!
We also recommended a restaurant in the park!

This week in japan:
Introduce some trending news in Japan.
This time we talk about the attention (and lack of) Japanese films have attracted.

Expats japan
Interview with an expat living in Japan,
giving insight to the personal ups and downs of living in Japan.

This show will continue to feature Kichijoji in the next episode, introducing more underground spots.
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