2017.11.22 (wed)

15:05Did You See the Words / Animal Collective  Spotify

15:18Skiptracing / Mild High Club  Spotify

15:21It's Strange feat.K Flay / Louis The Child  Spotify

15:28C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E / POP ETC  Spotify

15:32Song for the Sold / Kishi Bashi 

15:41Waltz For Koop / Koop feat. Cecilia Stalin  Spotify


16:01Winter, again / GLAY (なかじま 38歳 会社員) 

16:07Wait For You / Elliott Yamin (タクジさん 24歳 スポーツメーカー勤務)  Spotify

16:12Love For You / Calvin Harris (プーさん 24歳 飲食)  Spotify

16:18パーティ / □□□ (肉まんさん 28歳 販売業)

16:24ゆらゆら帝国で考え中 / ゆらゆら帝国 (えりこ 32歳 ドレスデザイナー)

16:36Daydream / Lovin Spoonful  Spotify

16:39That's My Girl / Fifth Harmony  Spotify

2017.11.21 (tue)

15:05I'm Dreaming a Lot / Papik  Spotify

15:18My Shining Hour / Sara Gazarek  Spotify

15:24Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z) / The Stepkids' Jazz

15:30Through The Fire / Chaka Khan  Spotify

15:39The Good Life / Frank Sinatra  Spotify

16:06It's My House / MIKA  Spotify

16:11The Way You Look Tonight / Maroon 5  Spotify

16:27大阪LOVER / DREAMS COME TRUE  Spotify

16:38It's My Fault / Jeffrey Foskett  Spotify

16:42Finally / 安室奈美恵

2017.11.20 (mon)

15:05Real Girl / Mutya Buena  Spotify

15:16New Mistak / Jellyfish

15:24ミルク / Chara  Spotify

15:37Heartstopper / Emiliana Torrini  Spotify

16:08Love You Like That / Dagny  Spotify

16:23Winter Lights / Ovall

16:33Sunshine / Sia  Spotify

16:33Awful Things / Lil Peep  Spotify

16:38Kiss / Lil Peep  Spotify

2017.11.16 (thu)

15:05Changing Of The Seasons / Two Door Cinema Club  Spotify

15:16Sweet Disposition / The Temper Trap  Spotify

15:21The World Is Ours / Aloe Blacc X David Correy  Spotify

15:28Windstorm / School of Seven Bells 

15:33Ten Feet Tall ft. Wrabel / Afrojack Spotify

15:39Cosmic Night Run / m-flo loves 野宮真貴 & CRAZY KEN BAND  Spotify

16:08Tokyo Invader / 踊Foot Works  Spotify

16:13もみの木 / SALT & SUGAR 

16:19Open The Door / Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro  Spotify

16:23Lemon / N.E.R.D feat.Rihanna  Spotify

16:32Plage / Crystal Fighters  Spotify

16:45ステイウィズミー / Layne