Mirai Jyugyo (Classes For Future) Japan Seen Through the Eyes of the World  - Reaffirming Where We Stand -

Since 2010, FM Festival has been presenting Mirai Jyugyo (Classes For Future) in order to encourage and inspire the future generations to navigate the increasingly complex and problematic modern world.
Intellectual giants, foremost thinkers and opinion leaders of our time from various disciplines explore and discuss with university students in one-time only open classes.
The 3rd edition of Mirai Jyugyo 2012 explores cultural, historical, and economical impact on the role of Japan in the world where globalization ensues at a rapid pace.
While all the developed countries are restructuring their existing infrastructures and trying to improve the qualities of life, Japan was required to present and demonstrate a new vision immediately after the 3.11 disaster. The world is watching to see how Japan achieves its goals. Japan is now faced with urgent issues that require swift countermeasures and actions; increasing national debts, much belated reconstruction of the disaster struck areas, alternative power resources and etc. We examine Japan and its characteristics from various perspectives; cultural, historical, and economical and reaffirm where we stand now.
We present you a series of lectures that offer stimulations for life, inspire motivations, and encourage positive actions for the future.

  • Tomoko Kitagawa

  • Historian
    Visiting Scholar at Needham Research Institute
    Lecturer at Harvard University
Tomoko Kitagawa