What is Hellosmile?

'Hellosmile Project' is a campaign to promote awareness and prevention of cervical cancer, an illness that continues to increase among young women.
The project was launched in conjunction with the 'Human Conscious: Love Life, Join Hearts' campaign, started in 2005 by TOKYO FM (Japanese radio station).

Campaign Aims

  • To increase awareness and accurate knowledge of cervical cancer.
  • To increase testing

Campaign Contents

1.Activities within Japan

  • Spread awareness via live shows and events
  • Increase accurate knowledge and information via TV programs
  • Increase nationwide awareness through the various JFN (Japan FM Network) stations
  • Work in conjunction with NPOs and other public organizations
  • Increase awareness through merchandise (Part of proceeds from sale of original goods are used for this campaign, as well as donated to the Japan Cancer Society Cervical Cancer Fund)

2.Overseas Activities

  • Spread of accurate knowledge and information via the Internet
  • Part of proceeds from sales of supporting companies' products donated to prevention & awareness campaign as well as "United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)"
  • UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, works to reduce maternal mortality in over 150 countries around the world. As part of its comprehensive approach to reproductive and maternal health, it is working to prevent cervical cancer through a variety of approaches which include promoting early detection of cervical cancer through preventative screening and strengthening of health systems.

Hellosmile Original Hello Kitty

Sanrio, celebrating 50 years since establishment in 2010, has selected it's No.1 character Hello Kitty to act as official supporting character in a show of gratitude to all girls and women. The campaign's main visual depicts an extremely rare profile view of Kitty's face, expressing the design concept 'looking towards a bright future'.
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A message from Hello Kitty

"Everyone, have you heard of cervical cancer? Right now it's the most common cancer among ladies in their 20s and 30s. But guess what! It can be prevented by getting regular check ups! I really want you all to get a check up, please don't think it doesn't affect you, and double please take good care of your precious body."