Special Interview: LANY's first Japan Tour Ep.38



Famous for their songs such as Good Girls & ILYSB, LANY has been one of the hottest new artists in the music industry. Their first appearance in Japan was at Summer Sonic, but this is the first time LANY has held a tour in Japan.

Check out this episode as we ask them a bit about their experience performing to a Japanese audience, and their favorite spots in Tokyo.

The shop introduced in this episode

About Life Brewery (Shibuya)

Ichiran Ramen(Shibuya)

Whiskey Bar(Shibuya)
Bar Track: https://bit.ly/2JJSVQ9

Ginza Natsuno(Ginza)
(2500 types of chopsticks Where to buy Wakasa Nuri chopsticks)

toyokawa inari (Akasaka)

Tower Records(Shibuya)

Summer Sonic

Ginza's 100 Year Restaurants Pt2: Founder of Edomae Sushi, Michelin Star Unagi, the Perfect Omurice Ep.37



We’re going to take an even deeper look at historic shops in Ginza, with over 100 years of history! This will include a sushi restaurant that’s been protecting the edomae-zushi style, the only unagi restaurant to receive a star of excellence by the Michelin Guide, and a restaurant that serves a near perfect omurice that I’ve ever seen.

recommend shop list:
Shiseido Parlour Ginza Restaurant (TOKYO,GINZA)

Chikuyoutei Ginza(TOKYO,GINZA)


Ginza's 100 Year Restaurants Pt1: Tempura, Omelette Rice, and Anpan Ep.36



Ginza, the luxury shopping district of Tokyo, is often compared as the Beverly Hills of Japan.

In part 1 of our Ginza series, we explain the history of the city, as well as a few restaurants that have been offering customers the service and traditional taste for over a century.

[recommend shop list]

Rengatei(TOKYO Ginza)
[omurice(omelette and rice)]

Tenkuni (TOKYO Ginza)

Kimuraya(TOKYO Ginza)

Valentine's Day Spinoff: Japanese Craft Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Bean to Bar Chocolate ep.35



Japan's unique holiday, White Day, is coming around the corner. It's a spin-off of Valentine's Day. The way Japan has interpreted these two holidays has created a unique norms such as gender roles and obligation chocolate.

On top of an explanation of this holiday, we're introducing some amazing chocolate places in Tokyo,Kyoto,and more, such as SF's bean to bar chocolate shop, Japanese interpretation of chocolate making, and a "chocolate museum" making a perfect harmony of Japanese tea and chocolate.

[recommend shop list]

Dandelion Chocolate(TOKYO Kuramae)
this shop is also in Kamakura,Ise(Naiku,geku),Kyoto.

Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate(TOKYO Shibuya Tomigaya)

this shop is also in Ginza,Shirokane,Ikebukuro.

Theobroma(TOKYO Shibuya)

Valentine's Day Spinoff: Japanese Craft Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Bean to Bar Chocolate