Final Episode! Tokyo Disney & Matane! (See descriptions)



The Tokyo Disney Resort, which will evolve further before 2020.
We will deliver useful information.

[The spot introduced in this episode]

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Sea

Dear Real Tokyo-ers,
Thank you so much for joining us in this 3 year journey of two foreigners discovering the coolest places that Tokyo has to offer!

We wish we could do this forever, but all good things must come to an end. This will be the last official episode for Real Tokyo.

It’s not goodbye, but a see u soon! Or in Japanese, we say “matane!”

Arigato, arigato, arigato for listening to this podcast. We hope we have helped you enjoy the real gems of Tokyo.

You can follow our adventures post podcast at @kubotops and @emmylemons

Alex & Emily

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