Netflix's Ugly Delicious says "Best Pizza in the world is in Tokyo", Sushi Wagyu Pizza, Prime Minister's Favorite Ep.42



We saw Netflix's original Ugly Delicious with David Chang.
David says the best pizza in the world is in Japan,so we went to go check those places out! and We will also introduce the unique and best delicious pizza specialty shops that only eat in Japan.

[The shop introduced in this episode]

En Boca(yoyogiuehara)

Savoy tomato-cheese(azabu-jyuban)

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The Specialist Ep2: Craft Beer in Tokyo, Hoppy, Ji-Beer, & History of Beer in Japan Ep.41



In our New Segment, “The Specialist”, we interview former Country Manager of Yelp Japan, Tomo Takada, about the wonderful world of Craft Beer that’s taking Japan by storm.

Tomo also talks about the history of beer in Japan, the influence of the four dominant beer companies: Asahi, Kirin, Ebisu, and Suntory, as well as Japan specific beer phenomenons like “Ji Beer” and Hoppy.

Check out his impressive list of recommendations below:
Baird Brewing(Shizuoka,Numazu)
※Baird has multiple bars/restaurants in Tokyo area.




Hitachino Brewing Lab.(Tokyo,Kanda)

Yo-ho Brewing Company(Nagano)

[True Micro Breweries]
Kyoto Brewing Company In Kyoto

Y.Y.G Brewery in Shinjuku

[Best Places to enjoy craft beer]
Spring valley Brewery Tokyo (Daikanyama)

Mikkeller Tokyo (shibuya)

Kraft Work Dining Banji kaichou

working in Tokyo,learn japanese language & culture through famous anime,special interview from a listener visiting Japan from Germany Ep.40



This time, the return of Rana!
Who has just started working in Tokyo Japan at a new job.
This time she will talk about some important points to be aware of
when looking for a job in Japan from her personal experience.
Important for anyone who wants to work in Japan.
Also learn Japanese language and culture through famous anime as Rana first did. Along with some of her favorite anime,
she will let you in on the surprising benefits that learning Japanese through anime has to teach you about communication and communicating in Japanese naturally.
She also touches on some points to be careful of,
as well as how learning this way can make
your trip to Japan even more interesting.

Lastly a special interview from a listener visiting Japan!
Hear about his trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. As well as some of
his tips for learning Japanese and getting around the city.

The shop introduced in this episode

Futaba-sushi (ginza)

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The Specialist #1 All of The Charm Japanese Ramen Ep.39 Introducing thoroughly from best ramen shop in Tokyo to ramen broth types tonkotsu,miso,shio,shoyu…



From this podcast onwards, we will be starting a new segment called “The Specialist”.

「The Specialist」・・・
Tokyo is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and technologies. In every episode, this talk show will feature a “specialist”, someone who has pursued their interest in a specific field to the extremes. These “specialists” will provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the various charms that Tokyo has to offer.

Developing independently from the original style, Japanese ramen has been in the limelight recently thanks to several restaurants being awarded a highly prestigious Michelin star. In our very first episode, we take a closer look at the intoxicating allure of Japanese ramen, which has been constantly evolving over the years.

Joining us today is Specialist Kazuaki Tanaka.

Mr.Tanaka has been a ramen enthusiast since college,
traveling all over Japan in his pursuit for the perfect bowl of ramen.
Averaging 700 bowls a year, he has had over 13,000 bowls of ramen to date.
Let’s hear what he has to say about the charms of ramen!

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