Episode7: Kichijoji - most desireable place to live



This program:

City spotlight:
A focus on "Inokashira Park" which will celebrate
its 100th anniversary this year!
We also recommended a restaurant in the park!

This week in japan:
Introduce some trending news in Japan.
This time we talk about the attention (and lack of) Japanese films have attracted.

Expats japan
Interview with an expat living in Japan,
giving insight to the personal ups and downs of living in Japan.

This show will continue to feature Kichijoji in the next episode, introducing more underground spots.
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Episode6: Untourist Akihabara



This time:
-Untourist Tokyo-
If you like figures and trading cards, Box Hobby Tengoku (heaven) is literally heaven!

-meet CM-
Yelp Community Manager Don hops on the call for his foodie recomendations and more!

-tips & tricks-
When you need to go, you need to go. It can be surprisingly hard to find toilets in Akihabara, so this week we'll give you a tips. Also introducing where you can use some free wifi!

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