Tokyo's Tsukiji Market: Coffee, Knives and Relocation: Ep:14



-Untourist Tokyo-
“Aristugu” was founded by a sword craftsman and has an extensive history, now it sells Chef Knives.
"Turret Coffee" has some great coffee and even one of the infamous Tsukiji Turrets right in the store!
Turret Coffee:

-This Week in Tokyo-
We discuss the complicated and controversial issue of Tsukiji’s relocation to Toyosu. Why is the market moving? Why hasn’t is moved yet? What are the issues surrounding the move?
(We introduced Yamazaki in episode 13)
We answer a question about family friendly spots.
Disney Land:
Disney Sea:
Odaiba Joypolis:
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Nikko Edo Wonderland:
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Episode 13 Title: Scrumptious Sushi in Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market



City Spotlight -
Tsukiji is home to a world-renowned fish market and is the number one tourist spot in Tokyo. From its origins to what the term "seri" means we give you background on the market and even our recommendation for amazing sushi in Tsukiji.

tokyocheapo article:
Sushi Yamazaki:
Tsukiji homepage:

Interviews -
An insider's interview with our recommendation, Sushi Yamazaki's shop owner! Letting us in on what makes his shop just so special. We also interview a traveler from Vancouver who tells us about what tips and tricks he has found useful in Japan, including a map you can use offline!

city rail map (itunes store):

We answer a couple questions from our dear listeners! Introducing some restaurants with histories of over 100 years! Also giving suggestions for family friendly spots.

Tempura Uoshin (Nihonbashi):
Musashiya (Shimbashi):

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Episode 12: Ueno Eats (Eating pork cutlet )



>Untourist Tokyo
We introduce a local favorite Isen which has a delicious Pork Cutlet Sandwich, encased in a soft bread that has an interesting historical purpose.
Ueno Zoo is famous for its Pandas and its long history. It is a great spot for families!

Ueno Zoo:

>Local Favorites
A special corner for this episode only, where friend and local Japanese Daichi tells us his personal recommendation. His recommendation is a neighbourhood favorite in Kichijouji.
Public Kitchen Kichijouji:

>Tips and Tricks
Alex introduces the Tokyo Metro Day pass which will let you ride on any Tokyo Metro for a whole day for a fixed price!
Rana tells us about the Route Finder machine in some stations which gives tourist information for Tokyo.
Tokyo Metro Day Pass: