Episode3:Asakusa -A city with the oldest temple in Tokyo-



This week's program:
City spotlight:
The basics of Asakusa and yelp elite Alex's recommended spots.

This week in Japan:
A peek at some trending news in Japan.

Expats Japan:
An interview in the series into what living in Japan is like.

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This show will continue to feature Asakusa in the next episode,
introducing More underground deep spots.
Update will be on Jan. 2nd.

Episode 2:Untourist Shibuya



Go beyond guidebooks as we introduce a great place for sushi in Shibuya, tips and tricks for travel and an inside interview with the yelp community manager of NewYork.
-Untourist Tokyo-
Yelp Elite Alex talks sushi in Shibuya.

-meet CM-
We ask the New York-based yelp Community Director about his experiences in Japan, differences with the US and even get deep about... Toilets?

-tips & tricks-
Must-know tips for travel in Japan. This time looking at Suica and the coinlockers in train stations.

Our next episode features Asakusa!
Introducing popular sites and trends as well as where to eat the darkest maccha (green tea) ice-cream! Update will be on 12/19!