Episode 5: Chaotic City Akihabara



This time:
city spotlight:
We'll introduce Akihabara's Maid Cafe and popular Owl cafe!

this week in japan:
We discuss a recently proposed IC Card to make tourist travel in Japan more convenient and other trending news.

expats japan:
An interview with Raul and his personal experience with adjusting and living in Japan.

This show will continue to feature Akihabara in the next episode,
introducing more underground deep spots.

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Episode 4: Untourist Asakusa



This time week:
-Untourist Tokyo-
Dive into the darkest, most rich Maccha Green Tea ice cream.

-meet CM-
We call the Yelp Community Manager of New York who lets us in on some different foods to try out while in Japan and suggests a place out of the city to visit.

-tips & tricks-
Where to meet up when going to Asakusa and Japanese trains...women's car??

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Our next episode features Akihabara!
Famous for electronics, anime, maids we'll be getting a closer look at this mayhem in Tokyo.

Next broadcast will be on 1/23!