"COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT" is the name of the initiative developed by COSmO OIL CO.,LTD. along with TOKYO FM and JFN (38-station FM network) to incite people worldwide to protect and preserve the global environment through various activities.The main event of these activities is the "EARTH DAY CONCERT" which spreads the message "EARTH CONSCIOUS: Hearts to Love & Feel the Earth" through music.

Also included are events such as a "CLEAN CAMPAIGN" which is held in the whole country and the radio program "COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT". "CLEAN CAMPAIGN" is local FM stations appeal for cleaning volunteers to listeners, and it performs the cleaning activities of the seashore, a mountain, a park, and so on. "COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT" is broadcasted nationwide FM radio program on Saturday morning. DJ talks to listeners a new appreciation of beautiful nature.

COSMO OIL CO.,LTD. has been making maximum efforts to ensure harmony with the natural environment, symbiosis with local communities, and safe and stable operations, in addition to its aggressive pursuit of environmental protection activities. Through "COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT" it is hoped that everyone can work together to protect and preserve the earth's environment. EARTH DAY CONCERT:

"COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT EARTH DAY CONCERT" is a concert that is broadcast around the world carrying the message "EARTH CONSCIOUS Hearts to Love & Feel the Earth " in its music on Earth Day, 22th April since 1990.