The Specialist Ep2: Craft Beer in Tokyo, Hoppy, Ji-Beer, & History of Beer in Japan Ep.41



In our New Segment, “The Specialist”, we interview former Country Manager of Yelp Japan, Tomo Takada, about the wonderful world of Craft Beer that’s taking Japan by storm.

Tomo also talks about the history of beer in Japan, the influence of the four dominant beer companies: Asahi, Kirin, Ebisu, and Suntory, as well as Japan specific beer phenomenons like “Ji Beer” and Hoppy.

Check out his impressive list of recommendations below:
Baird Brewing(Shizuoka,Numazu)
※Baird has multiple bars/restaurants in Tokyo area.




Hitachino Brewing Lab.(Tokyo,Kanda)

Yo-ho Brewing Company(Nagano)

[True Micro Breweries]
Kyoto Brewing Company In Kyoto

Y.Y.G Brewery in Shinjuku

[Best Places to enjoy craft beer]
Spring valley Brewery Tokyo (Daikanyama)

Mikkeller Tokyo (shibuya)

Kraft Work Dining Banji kaichou